Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Sunshine

I have been so busy with my final exams, but at last I am finished! The summer is here, the weather is amazing and my degree is complete. It hasn't fully sunk in yet, so much is going to change, but it is so exciting. I've just been relaxing the last couple of days since finishing, sleeping, sitting in then sun, shopping and going to see The Dictator. Check out my pretty new heels from New Look (€22), planning to break them in tonight celebrating finishing exams. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather, the summer is here :)

Pictures: My outfit today; top (Dunnes Stores), leggings (River Island), flats (Primark), sunglasses (Primark), Oreo cake, New Look heels

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  1. Congrats oh finishing!! I hope you have a wonderful summer :)

    P.S. how was the Dictator?

    1. Its very funny much better than Bruno :)

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