Saturday, November 13, 2010

Most stylish laidback dressers 2010

No Internet or television for 5 days but I'm back to blogging at last! Last year I did my own list of stylish woman inspired by Glamour magazines yearly list of most stylish woman. As my own style changes over time so does my style icons, hence here's a new uptodate list of my style influences! As always it's not the glossy glossy style that appeals to me, it's not about how someone dresses on the red carpet after months of planning and help from stylists, it's all about dressing in the moment, dressing for how you feel and your personality. Somedays all you want to do is throw on old jeans and a worn in tshirt and just be comfortable. For me it's the woman that do this and still look original that are truly stylish. So without further ado here's the woman who's laidback, casual style inspired me this year..

Number 20: Kate Moss

Number 19: Leighton Meester

Number 18: The Olsens

Number 17: Mischa Barton (amazing Tom Binns cuff!)

Number 16: Rachel Bilson (ultimate in scruffy casual apparel)

Number 15: Daisy Lowe

Number 14: Kate Hudson

Number 13: Pamela Love

Number 12: Olivia Palermo

Number 11: Megan Fox

Number 10: Jessica Szohr

Number 9: Nicole Richie

Number 8: Gillian Zinser

Number 7: Dree Hemingway

Number 6: Fearne Cotton

Number 5: Zoe Kravitz (Love the flashes of red)

Number 4: Clemence Posey

Number 3: Diane Kruger

Number 2: Sienna Miller. (I want those vivenne westwood pirate boots!)

Number 1: Erin Wasson (still my style icon one year on)

Embrace your inner scruffy stylish self!

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  1. Kate will always be the master of this look for me, great list!

  2. Great list...but Kate...oh Kate will always the number one.


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