Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bless the Broken Road

This outfit was one of those that came about when your rooting in the wardrobe and find something you've forgotten you even owned. I bought this skirt at least 6 years ago in a sale for €5, I never wore it because it hung very low on the hips and was very long, it was just very unflattering. So in the interest of recycling and revamping clothes I cut the bottom off and tied a belt around the waist to give it more shape. Voila a new addition to my wardrobe with less than 2 minutes altering and no sewing! Outfit details: skirt (customised), top (hand me down), boots (Aldo), hat (Topshop), tights (Primark), belt (handme down).

Everyday when I turn on the television or the Internet or open a newspaper there seems to be an extraordinary amount of terrible news; first it's the ongoing updates about Ireland's economy, now it's the news about Korea, and of course there's the constantly occurring murders, deaths, natural disasters, hunger, poverty, unimaginable violence...I wish they would just announce maybe one good thing a day, would that really be that difficult, just one nice piece of news? I'm not in denial about any of the devastating events that happen but I think as well as acknowledging the bad there should be some emphasis on celebrating the good. Everyday healthy children are born, people fall in love, get married, people all over the world achieve wonderful things and do kind acts for others everyday, many people are cured from disease and I'd like to hear about that once in a while!

Have a great week! xox

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  1. I love it when I find clothes that I had forgotten about, its like Christmas. Cute skirt

  2. Lovely outfit - really like it too when you make a new outfit out of what you already have! x

  3. Love the skirt, glad I found your blog ;)


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