Friday, February 6, 2009

Happiness the greatest gift that I posses

What a very hectic time it is to be back in college but ooh the snow is wonderful! It makes me so very excited! It's the happiest weather I think no one gets more excited or makes such a fuss about any other work of mother nature. It felt like Christmas in February. With this new surprising weather I have taken up a new hobby; croteching and have decided to opt out of learning the basics and practising and instead to go straight for some projects, my current obsession being crocetched flowers to sticth onto my hats and scarves (pictures to be posted tomorrow). To go with the happiest weather of my year I thought some happiness provoking pictures were in order, here's a small sample to make you smile....

The pictures above to not belong to me but here is a few that do of some little things that make me happy

My doggy haylie, turtles turt and earl, tiny piggy's; I adore pigs and collect anything related to them- piggy banks, teddy's, posters, I even display a tiny diamante pig brooch on my coat that my mother gave me from Poland, and of course being in love. And to add a cherry to the top of my mood I have just read on that glasses are sexy again: "Glasses are back - and the key look is nerdy, but sexy," writes Simon Chilvers. The role models to aspire to include Yves Saint Laurent, Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Jaime Winstone. I shall be donning my mui mui spectacles with pride now nerdy is sexy, nothing like a bit of intellectual trendsetting to brighten the day. On another note Pete doherty supposedly will be giving a lecture in Dublin's beautiful trinity college, hmm stimulating for the masses that will be I'm sure...

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