Monday, February 16, 2009

Thoroughly frustrated with the mountain of college work flung upon me but I decided to take a few minutes out for a quick post. Valentines day has come and gone and ohh the treats were wonderful! (Pictures on their way). The weather is heating up just the slightest and music festivals are in the air, for music lovers with a tight budget note that rumour has it fall out boy are vowing to sell tickets to some concerts for no more than £20 to allow every fan to enjoy their concerts, now that's a small act of thoughtfulness I am liking
Having watched a music documentary on the 60s I have become mesmerized with the era and it's music; especially folk music of it's time such as joan baez, tom paxton, peter paul and mary, and Bob dylan's folk era. Joan Baez caught my attention as a real icon; beautiful, with the most captivating voice who sang songs with a real message. I noticed those musicians still living that were interviewed wore large turquoise stone rings (men and women) and am now on search for the perfect one

albeit I would be after something slightly more rustic and affordable.
Speaking of music of the hippie era, I can not end with out mentioning one of my all time favourite films Almost famous and it's style icon for me Kate Hudson as Penny Lane. How I dream of having that russian fur (faux) hat she wore and those embroderied boots she wore before getting her stomach pumped! And what a film for music there is not a single song on that soundtrack I do not love, my very favourite being tiny dancer, I imagine it's me dancing away in the lyrics of that song.

With regards to a different genre of music I whole heartily recommend the dubliners the auld triangle, it was my lullaby when I was young, give it a listen it's truly beautiful. Let me know what you think.


  1. I'm really digging the skull one.

  2. I adore the rings!! They are fabulous.
    Almost Famous is my favourite movie ♥
    i love it!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and following :)
    Your blog is so sweet!!
    Have a lovely day x


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