Friday, February 20, 2009

Did It Myself!

Goodbye my snow, I'll see you next year...

Snowy footsteps..santy must be around checking if I'm being naughty or nice.
I miss the snow, but the sun is brightening my day and putting a springtime jump in my step. Unfortunatley it is not quite time to shed the layers and prance around in crisp summer dresses and flipflops.
Clothes stores and boutiques are shutting up shop all around me these days this economic crisis is becoming more and more unsettling everyday and so I am now very focused on using my own hands to create as much as I can, it really is becoming neccesary. Theres something incredibly rewarding about dressing yourself in your own creations, it makes your apparellel a strong extension of who you are inside. It means that you can dream up a costume and the make it come to life, you can doon a unique look that is all you. I see clothes as a wearable art form and just plain fun and on that note I'd like to share one of my new creations (excuse the appaling photos), wearing it makes me feel like a little princess. Origionally it was destined to be a skirt, but that's the genious of elasticated waistlines on a whim it became a dress. The dress consists of three layers, two being pale pink and blue net pinned and tucked at random places.

I'd love to know what everybody thinks...
My current style icon is daisy lowe,of a rock n roll core look, mixing girlie pieces and much tougher items with a devil may care attitude. Daughter of Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale. Elements of her style remind me of my own look but hers is just miles a head. I would do anything for her wardrobe, especially her dress collection. Her hair and makeup is never too polished, something that gives serious fashion credibility just look at Ms.Moss of the tooseled, smudged look fame. Lowe's is a truely uniqe look, nothing about her says stylist or catwalk ensemble, it screams personality and style. Hr outfit might begin with a typical pretty dress but is taken to the next level with unexpected quirky accesories such as her heels and clasing nailpolish and rolled up blasers. Of course anything would look good on your when you are blessed with rock n roll genes and jaw dropping beauty. If only we were all so lucky!

Images of daisy lowe property of Goggle images.


  1. Your dress is beautiful, and daisy lowe has such great style!!

  2. Hey darling, I have something on my blog for you today!

  3. Daisy Lowe is amazing... she has such great style.

  4. I adore the pink dress! Beautiful.
    (I love Daisy lowe's clothes!!)

  5. I totally agree about her style, lovee it

  6. that pink dress looks great. and bye bye winter and hello summer! :)

  7. :o
    I wish I was talented in sewing!

    Thank you for the nomination for the award,
    I've nominated you for one too!


  8. Daisy IS amazing, she always looks so put together and adorable!
    Great blog xo

  9. first of all... SNOW!! i miss it!
    Second of all... that pink dress is adorable!
    And third, I loveeee Daisyyy! :)

  10. I absolutely love daisy - she's stupidly hot + has the best style ever!

  11. I have been searching for the PERFECT blazer for Spring. Daisy definitely has that edgy glam style that I love so much...I bet she has a the best blazers haha :)


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