Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fabulous news for any thrifty fashionista out there Penney's (or primark as many of you probably know it has an incredibly cute, wearable and extremely affordable collection for spring/summer 2009. When buying items for fun that are not key pieces in your wardrobe theres no need to overly splash out, you can have fun with your look on a miniscual budget. I am not encorging throw away fashion, I believe even pieces like these below have longativity, its about caring for your clothes and buying items that are work with as many items in your wardrobe as possible. This means never using wire hangers and learning to mend your clothes , leaving you with no excuse to dispose of clothes after one season.

No item here is priced at over 25 euro, the majority being under 15 euro (Images propert of Primark). And might I add that the little sailor dress has quiet a resemblence to a catherine holstein dress worn by mischa barton. Designer style for less this piece I have to have.

However these clothes aren't exactly weather appropriate at the moment, so now for a little look at something more cosy and a more eco friendly additiont to my look, with my mothers help and some leftover wool we created some adorable croteched flowers. This is a great idea for the ends of balls of wool when you have to little left to make anything large.

The hat is something of a keepsake for me as 3 generations of the women in my family have contributed to it; my grandmother knitted the hat itself, while my mother and I adorned it with the flower and beading. I have somewhat of a fascination with beading and although it is hard to see I also added tiny white beads to one of the cream flowers to resemble tiny raindrops. Beads are an incredibly afforable decoration for clothing and accesories, collect them from broken jewlery, old clothes, markets, children's craft kits.. rather than spending a great deal in expensive jewlery supply stores. I wore my newly vamped hat with pride around campus lightly frosted with snow. Which unforuntaly is all gone but was a dream come true while it lasted. My winter wonder land;

As for me it's back to the grindstone, although had quite a laugh at a certain addition to my Biological diversity notes on reading that in seahorses the males carry the young during embryonic development, I'm sure there's many women out their hoping to come back in a future life as a seahorse... So back to learning and pondering about crafty projects for valentines day, no rest for the wicked.



  1. oh pretty pretty pictures. i love the snowy ones lots.
    and those crocheted flowers are cute.

  2. cute clothes for the price. thanks for adding me :)

  3. I like all those clothes! Very cute! And yes the glasses add a nice pop to that outfit. Do you want to exchange links?

  4. i really like the cut of the dresses. very nice looking! the mix of colors and patterns are great. :)

  5. i love all those clothes! so adorable!

  6. Hey thanks for the nice compliments on my blog & home.. : )

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  7. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I would love the exchange links. I love the title of your blog too :)

    these are all such cute outfits, and the snow pictures are amazing!

    brooke xx

  8. is that primarks new collection?
    im heading there immediantly
    if not,sooner,
    yes i would love to exchange llinks!
    let me know when youve added me and ill add you back!
    much love

  9. I wanna have everything from Primark!

  10. i love that first dress, its adorable. what is primark??


  11. looks like a surprisingly great collection

  12. So exciting! Love all those skirts!


  13. i do love primark.
    its so great for those who love to follow all the latest trends with a small budget.

  14. wow that pink dress is SO adorable. too bad I'm in the US :(


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