Friday, January 30, 2009

Thrifty resolutions

My heart did a little plummet when hearing the news that Ireland is in a particularly difficult situation in this global economic downturn. We are to be faced with the worst economic situation in the country since records have began. I will not however sink into a self pitying mess, nor will I hide under my quilt until things magically amend themselves, mainly because no one can actually decide when this will be. SO, I have decided to become a frugal female. I have read that the key is not to deprive oneself, but to decide what is a priority. My Yes eating well is definitely top of my list, I just can not live on takeaways, although I do love them on occasion. My boyfriend is the most wonderful cook and that coupled with the fact we designate most of our money to this means we eat very well for college students.
To help with the need to tighten expenditure I will deal with different areas where one can cut down money spending in many posts. When you really start to make savings, you can spend a little more on what your priorities are.

Thriftwise Fashion
Do not, I repeat do not buy the very cheapest tights you can get your hands on, unless your experimenting with a crazy patterned pair. Often I have bought black tights for a euro, only to have a beautiful long ladder in them after one pair. Instead by good quality pairs which will last you much much longer. Recently I bought a pair in Claire's Accessories for 8 euro. Still very cheap and have lasted me several months already. If you buy dirt cheap items you are often loosing more money than you are saving. And for those of you that can work it just wear those ripped tights, when your tights rip you can go from primark tights to rodarte 2008 autumn winter style instantly.

Hone in on timeless pieces. I'm not saying you should go out and spent hundreds or thousands on the perfect LBD, even though it can be worn to an inch of it's life. Yes, it's a piece every girl should have but not at huge cost. I recommend Zara (see, one of my very favourite black dresses is from there, cost 50 euro, and I'm working it for the third year running now. It is a truly fabulous store, currently the looks they are selling include rock, dark couture, folky ethnic and the silk road. Pieces from here often look designer, although the price tag definitely says otherwise. Zara was described by Louis Vuitton fashion director Daniel Piette as "possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world".

Two of my favorite black dresses; my debs dress inspired by a Jen Kelly design made by my incredibly talented mother and a black sequined number from Japan (the store)costing 40 euro.
Buy a good quality coat, one that is both durable and versatile. A high street store I recommend for this would be River Island. Three years ago I received a white River Island coat for Christmas and am still wearing it to this day. And it's WHITE, Imagine how long a black one would last. Be prepared to pay at least a 100 euro for a good coat, its a definite investment piece.
For those of you with a crafty touch visit for insanely cut ideas not only to enhance your wardrobe but also your home, beauty regime and baking collection. I can't wait to make the college handbags and tutus I found on these page, both accompanied with detailed and easy to follow instructions. Not to mention some very cute crafy ideas for valentines day including adorable heart shaped pom poms and crotched hearts to decorate your home with.

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Swapping is irresistible fashion fulfillment and everyone in the know seems to be ravanging about it, do't be a snob about trading with others and accepting hand me downs, I have come across some real jems in doing so for example a black lace corset, my absolute favourite pair of cords and numerous cute tops where all gifted to me from a friend who no longer wore them. Swapping is the ultimate in fashion angelicism; it reduces waste, is free and makes a great socail outing if you go for a swappping party. Free entertainment and free additions to your wardrobe. What's not to love?


  1. You are perfectly right about cheap buys. We should always check the quality. In my country we have a saying: "we are to poor to buy cheap things".I think that's right in almost all situations.

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog!
    I'm following yours, too, now!

  3. yeahhh. cheap tights are no good. and i really cant pull off the ripped jeans look :(

    id love to exchange links! ive added you :)

  4. Yeah, I agree, sometimes buying cheap things turns into wasted money, because sometimes the quality is not that good... So buying a little more expensive things that last more, is... an investment! :]

  5. haha
    Since food is a top priority for you as well, I would suggest shopping at farmer markets and trying to buy as much local produce as possible, not only is it healthier, its so much cheaper. Usually on weekends I hop the bus for the Saturday Morning market and come back laden with fresh fruits, cheese and vegetables :)

    IMHO I think J.Crew makes the best tights, they are very sturdy and durable feeling, yet do not feel as if they were made of rubber.

    ASOS is having a very good clearance sale right now FYI :)


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