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Fashion trends spring/summer 09

Ecstatic about the new season, hopping to truly embrace some trend experimentation(while keeping through to my own style of course). For some reason I am always far more interested in spring/summer collections than winter. I actually am a winter girl myself, love snow, ice, woolly jumpers, earmuffs, hot chocolate and cossying up in front of a proper roaring fire. Despite that I don't get the same joy out of autumn/winter collections, there's just something more fresh, juicy and fun about summer clothes.It's probably all that extra colour!
Anyway, on to the key trends oh joy! Firstly heavy metals; gold, bronze and copper adorn clothes across the catwalks. Most notable for moi would be raulph laurens collection, safari inspired pieces in khaki and beige with lavish touches of shimmering fabrics. This outfit from the collection is by far my favourite; casual but with a serious hint of bling. Already inspired by this trend I have begun a simple gold raw silk dress made from large scrap of material found in my mothers sewing room. Only at the cutting out phase currently but keep posted for photos of the final product.

Colour blocking is another huge trend, that has left my mouth watering from the variety of juicy juicy colours. This trend I find is the easiest to follow on a budget, bearing in mind you'll need a fair measure of confidence. I recommend taking everything from your wardrobe that really pops with colour (single colour pieces necessary)laying it out on your bed and combining them in outrageous combinations. For instance I have a pair of hot pink short shorts I usually pair with a plain with top to tone it down. This season however I'll mix it up with a deep blue blouse or royal blue pumps. Try pairing those coloured skinny jeans that were so popular with an equally attention graping coloured jacket and white top. For me it's a about mixing existing items together in a way I hadn't previously tried.

Another very thriftable trend is Bows. If your really tight budgeted this is the trend I'd embrace. Firstly you need to source your bows; when doing my leaving cert I did my french oral on coco Chanel and on explaining this to the women at the Chanel makeup counter she gave me a small amount of the prettiest Chanel ribbon for free. It's black with little silver stars and Chanel embossed all over it and is perfect for tying a huge bow in my hair or chinching a cardigan or dress in a bow. Many stores tie there bags with ribbons, PJ's from primark often come tied in ribbon. Even purchasing ribbon is very cheap and you only need a small amount. Start a collection of these and when faced with a plain outfit simply adorn. Do as Daphne Guiness and attach ribbons to the shoulders of your dresses with brooches. If your not afraid of attraching clown themed jokes go for this Moschino idea and take a large rectangle of material, tie in a bow and attach to your outfit with a few hand stitches.

A slightly unusual but ever so fun trend is for mens pyjamas as seen at Dolce & Gabbana. Why I spend many a day lying around in my PJ's, I never realised I was being chic! Talk about thrifty! Run into your dad, bf, brother's room and leg it with their PJ's et voila! I do actually like this look, theres something quite cheeky about it and it gives you some serious style cred if you can carry it of in my eyes. I'd loose the PJ top personally, pick a deep red silky bottoms roll up the legs slightly and pair with loose black jersey tank and killer black fetish heels.

Tribal is a huge trend, one I really recommend mixing it up. Start with a simple tribal print or even just a plain khaki or dark green base and load up on details like animal prints, gold, fringing and heavy African inspired jewelry. Don't go to overkill though or you'll look like your on safari. Keep your heels and handbag simple, clean and urban and the shape of the outfit uncomplicated. I intend on giving into my crafty side here and creating unique accessories with large wooden beads and metal, not to mention trying a little battic! Seen everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Vivenne Westwood to Anna Sui. For those who want a very toned down look, try DKNY for inspiration, subtly done and very desirable.

Feedback on how these suggestions work for you are hugely welcome xox


  1. oh I love your blog! And the bow ideas are wonderful :)

  2. i love the black and white dress
    great blog


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