Tuesday, December 15, 2015

DIY Christmas Wreath

My favorite Christmas decorations are always the natural ones. I love a real tree, imperfect in shape but with an amazing smell. This year however with a little cat in my house lots of indoor decorations would very quickly end in disaster. I decided instead to opt for a very seasonal wreath to hang on the door. With the help of my dad we whipped up a few different styles and I decided to share the simple instructions so you can make one for yourself or as a thoughtful Christmas gift. To make a natural looking wreath you will need the following:

A willow branch
Trimmings of your choice

Firstly we started by making a round frame that our wreath would be built on. I wanted to do a half wreath so we used a willow branch tied in a circle with wire. If your doing a full wreath like the last two pictures you can make your circle totally out of wire. Next attach your base foliage by simply wrapping wire around it, we used Leylandi (Leyland Cyprus) as our first plant. Next by just attaching with wire wrapped around it and knotted at the back, we added Noble Fir cuttings as their blue tinge added a nice contrast. For the third trimming we used holly and attached it by slotting it into the wire around the other trimmings. Lastly the wreath was decorated with some red ribbon (€1) from Tiger. You can use whatever trimmings you wish and add as many or as few decorations as you like: try pine cones, baubles or even some white spray for a snow effect like we tried out in the last picture. Let me know if you give it a try or if you've any Christmas DIYs you'd recommend!


  1. Ah I love it! What an amazing job you did xx Siobhan

  2. This looks so cool, I would love to try something like this next year!

    Four Cats Plus Us - Amy x

  3. Looks better than the ones ive seen in stores! Great job x


  4. What an amazing wreath! We have a table top Christmas tree because my cat likes to eat the wires etc and climb on it, so the a normal sized Christmas tree is out of the question!

    Pop over to my blog!



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