Saturday, August 16, 2014

What I bought in Liverpool

I have been on two trips to England in the space of a couple weeks; one to Liverpool for a little sister shopping trip and the other a work related trip to York. Naturally the trip to Liverpool being centered around shopping and eating lots of tasty food, I brought home a few pretty things. Liverpool was amazing for shopping, one of the best cities I've been to in terms of high street shopping. Liverpool One shopping center was so insanely big I literally needed a map to get around it, I was there for 3 days and didn't get even close to being bored. I'll be doing some posts on the other things I got up to in Liverpool, I do more than just shop I swear! So anyway on to what I bought: I bought a few things from Primark and Peaches&Cream where my sister did some makeup classes. 

From Primark I bought a black maxi skirt (£10) and some skinny belts to wear with it (£2) this is ridiculously comfy and great for travelling in. A Barbie Tshirt, I just couldn't resist I used to have Barbie clothes when I was little so this was a must buy. A macaroon make up bag, I seen this on a few blogs and thought it was really cute. For work notes I picked up a little pink notebook for £2. Lastly I got this amazing embellished limited edition clutch bag (£12), it has a chain so it can also be worn as a handbag. I love the festival vibe this bag has, it'll make a simple outfit look really special as long I don't accidentally tear the beads off! 

From Peaches & Cream (88 Dale Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L2 4TQ) I picked up an incredible statement necklace (approx £15) they have such a great selection it took me ages to pick just one to bring home. I lent this to a friend to wear on a night out and 3 different strangers came up to compliment her on it, so this necklace definitely makes a statement. I also got a few of their bunny hair bobbins (50p each), they're so cheap and cheerful and available in a rainbow of colors and patterns.  

As this was a little holiday it meant I actually had some time to read so I picked up two books I've been wanting to read. Orange is the new black as I'm obsessed with the series and #GIRLBOSS because I'd heard great things about it. I'd recommend everybody should read #GIRLBOSS if their in need of a little inspiration, it left me feeling motivated and excited to do my thing!

I've more Liverpool posts on the way and then it's on to sharing my York adventures, hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. What a great haul! I'm absolutely in love with Orange is the New Black (isn't everyone?) and #GirlBoss is definitely something I've been meaning to read. Hope you had a lovely day shopping around - M x

  2. What a lovely blog, and great pictures too :) I absolutely adore your necklace!

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, please follow me back :)

    Fleur x

  3. Excellent haul!
    Oh, how I wish that we have a Primark here. Reading about Primark hauls from UK bloggers makes me want it even more! Lol.


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