Saturday, March 2, 2013

23 before 24

I really enjoy these birthday to do lists, they're a much more immediate bucket list and alot more realistic to achieve. I have a busy year ahead with my PhD work so my 23 before 24 list isn't going to be too serious, it's more about having fun, relaxing and HOPEFULLY a little travel.

  1. Start thrifting regularly again: Some of my favorite clothes like this star dress were thrifting finds 
  2. Learn to make a Long Island Ice Tea: My favorite cocktail, in fact I don't know how to make any cocktails!
  3. Take a road trip in my new car: This could definitely be combined with my camping goal or Belfast goal...
  4. Present at my first science conference: Scary but exciting. 
  5. Do a hike in the mountains: I used to go for long walks in the mountains at the weekends all the time when I was younger and have picnics, must get back to doing this.
  6. Get another stamp on my passport: I only have one for Tunisia, really want to collect more
  7. Go camping: Perfect summer challenge
  8. Visit Belfast: See the Titanic museum
  9. Go on a spa weekend getaway: I have never actually gone to a spa yet
  10. Donate Blood again
  11. Write a Life list: Include the things I have done that are special memories and all the things I want to do and see. Blog about it of course. If you have any ideas or have written a list of your own let me know I'd love some ideas.
  12. Get a new haircut: I'm so bad for rarely going to the hairdressers but the feel of a new haircut is so nice and fresh
  13. Have a regular fitness regime
  14. Learn to make pancakes/crepes: With maple syrup, bacon, strawberries, kinder bars...Not all together naturally.
  15. Clean out my wardrobe and donate what I don't wear anymore to charity
  16. Cook a 3 course meal: I have never made more than a one course meal, so I would love to cook a meal of my favorite things
  17. Give up fizzy drink for a month: For the sake of my teeth!
  18. Make lots of time for family and friends
  19. Go on a holiday with my sister: Fits in nicely with number 19, the only question is where to go??
  20. Do a random act of kindness
  21. Do something new each month: I've seen people doing this on their blogs and its such a great way of getting the most out of life and pushing yourself to experience new things.
  22. Buy a pinata: Any birthday/occasion will do because I've always wanted to buy one!
  23. Read 23 books: This will be tricky, I generally read magazines in my free time so it will be interesting to see which books I read.

Wish me luck


  1. cute post!
    thanks for commenting on my blog - i'm now following you on gfc. hope you follow back xx

  2. That last picture is so true!

  3. this is such an awesome idea- i wanna do something like this! i wish i could give up fizzy drinks! haha xx


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