Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recap: 22 Before 23

Now that I am the ripe old age of 23, it's time for a 23 before 24 list to encourage me to start more new adventures and achieve more goals. Firstly though let's have a recap of my progress on my 22 before 23 list to see how I've fared. While I've only achieved 8 of the goals, they were some of the most important ones so I'm actually really happy with how I've done.

22 before 23 
  1. Finish my undergraduate degree: Done, graduating was amazing! See post on this here
  2. Start my postgrad: Yep, nearly a year in now, time goes so so fast!
  3. Get my full driver's licence: Got it a few months ago, I was really shocked and happy when I passed.
  4. Buy my first car: Found my perfect car on my birthday, meant to be or what??
  5. Go to my grad ball: Yep, such an incredible night with the best friends you could ask for, read about it here.
  6. Improve my sewing skills: Didn't do anything about this one...
  7. Learn to bake chocolate fudge cake: I did learn to make Rocky Road and it was yummy so I reckon it's not so bad!
  8. Visit the Giant's Causeway: No, kind of disappointed about this one but I'm sure I will in time.
  9. See Bruce Springsteen live: Yes did this in the summer, it was the best concert I have ever ever been to! See the pics here
  10. Send 22 letter/cards/postcards: Not even nearly, I sent ONE Christmas card, but it was sent to Australia so surely that gets me extra points??
  11. Make a patchwork quilt with my sister: Emmm..No
  12. Visit Scotland: Meant to be going this September so I'll move that to my 23 before 24 list instead.
  13. Write a Bucket list: In progress...
  14. Buy a new laptop: Yes, I love my new laptop, my old one was my first and was 7 years old so you can imagine how much a difference the new one is.
  15. Go camping: Nope, the weather is just so cold most of the time!
  16. Train to walk the Camino de Santiago: I did take up doing Youtube exercise videos but it's going to take alot more than that! 
  17. Donate blood again: I HAVE to get back to doing this.
  18. Go to Francis Bacon exhibition at The Hugh Lane Gallery: Need to do this soon, it's meant to be amazing.
  19. Learn to make jam: I ate jam..
  20. See a new play: Not a single one
  21. Go surfing: No but that probably wasn't going to happen, I am very rarely near the sea.
  22. Worry less :): This has definitely happened, I do have plenty of pressures and worries but I'm learning to sweat the small stuff less.
I have achieved a few goals I'm really proud of so I can't wait to share my 24 Before 25 list, once I've finished thinking of 24 things! Do you  set these kind of goals, did you achieve many?



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  1. It can be so tricky meeting goals - you've done well though!

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