Sunday, September 23, 2012

Graduation Ball

As the icing on the cake to my Graduation, I got to attend the Graduation ball. It was an amazing night, with brilliant friends and so many laughs. A big highlight of the night for me was my dress, it's not often you get to go all out glam! Of course in my own true style my dress had a thrifty element to it. The only new addition to the outfit was my Zara belt, the shoes I bought last year in New Look and the dress was actually once a full length fish tail dress I wore to my debs 4 years ago. My mum altered the dress by moving the lace from the bottom to the waist and adding contrasting black ribbon to the bodice. I loved getting to create new memories in a dress I love so much, I'll definitely cherish it for a long time as it signifies the end of two big phases in my life; my secondary school years and my undergraduate years. 

Outfit Details: Dress (Handmade by my mum), Belt (Zara, €22.95), Heels (New Look, €22).  

                            Graduation ball: 2012                                         Debs: 2008



  1. Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

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  2. You ladies look lovely!

    xo Jennifer


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