Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just a small few pics of my graduation day. After 4 years of hard work the day finally came and it was amazing, I loved every single minute of it. So proud of my Science degree and the wonderful time I had at college with great friends. It was surreal to wear the clock and cap and stand up in front of my class and family and friends, I was so nervous I would trip on stage! I wore a peter pan collared dress from Zara and cream heels from New Look, together they cost about €37, so I didn't break the bank and I still felt all dressed up! Plus I know I'll wear both loads as the heels are very versatile and the dress is perfect for nights out. 

A perfect end to my undergrad years! 



  1. congrats on graduating! The food looks amazing :) xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I've just finished too - don't graduate until November but I can definitely empathise with how much work you have to put in :) Well done ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. Congratulations! That cake looks so yummy!
    PS: You've got a beautiful smile! Smile often!


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