Monday, June 25, 2012

22 before 23

It's been many months since I turned 22 and I have been meaning to do a 22 before 23 list for ages. It's a list of 22 things to do before I turn 23 next year, these list are all over the blogging world and I've always loved reading them. I've had a mental list of what I want to achieve this year so I have already started to tick some of them off or at least get them started. After I wrote the first ten it took so long to think of the rest, the first four are very time consuming so fitting in 18 more will be tricky!  I love these lists so if you've done one or have some great ideas I'd love to hear them :)

*celebrating my 22nd birthday*

22 Things Before 23

  1. Finish my undergraduate degree
  2. Start my postgrad
  3. Get my full driver's licence
  4. Buy my first car
  5. Go to my grad ball
  6. Improve my sewing skills
  7. Learn to bake chocolate fudge cake
  8. Visit the Giant's Causeway
  9. See Bruce Springsteen live
  10. Send 22 letter/cards/postcards
  11. Make a patchwork quilt with my sister
  12. Visit Scotland
  13. Write a Bucket list
  14. Buy a new laptop
  15. Go camping
  16. Train to walk the Camino de Santiago 
  17. Donate blood again
  18. Go to Francis Bacon exhibition at The Hugh Lane Gallery
  19. Learn to make jam
  20. Go surfing
  21. See a new play
  22. Worry less :)
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