Monday, April 23, 2012

Love For Pink


There's nothing more ridiculously girly than splashes of bright pink decorating your space or filling your wardrobe. I am prone to collecting anything bright pink, cute, Hello Kitty or pig related. Here's a few pink, tacky and ultra girly trinkets that decorate my space. It always brightens up my day to be surrounded by bright colourful things. Embrace the girlyness! How do you decorate your space?

-My favourite Hello Kitty mug and a random assortment of pink books-a cherry blossom painting I did a while ago-my heart themed stationary set I got as a lovely gift (you can get them at Tesco for anyone who'd like one-my dresser stuffed with pink-a cupcake piggy bank :)-fairy and dream catcher presents-yes that is a pig hat! I received it as a Christmas present and I keep it hanging on a microphone stand-piggy trinkets!

Hope everyone is having a nice start to the week despite the bleak weather, I have never seen so much hailstones in my life. Wrap up warm with cosy knits and blankets!



  1. Such cute pictures! I love pink, even though my fiancé jokes about it all the time... I guess I'm still just a little girl inside :D

  2. Beautiful gallery,your Bright pink collection is superb. we also have these types of beautiful printed piggy banks you should take a look at

  3. wow, you have a lot of lovely pink! I like your dvd collection!!


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