Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Had a mini shopping spree in Primark yesterday, they have so many great tees for only €3, so I got this pink Bisous one. The fabric is really soft and it's long in length which is very important to me when I'm buying tops. The hot pink sunglasses were only €1.50 and came with a cute striped bag to keep them in. I love a little treat that doesn't make you feel guilty with it's price. An awful lot of the clothes in Primark right now are styled to dress either like Lana Del Ray or Jessie Jay, I've never seen so much silk scarf print style clothing in my life.This is what I wore shopping, of course I had to bundle a coat on top because the weather is horrible. This green jumper is on of my favourite TK Max finds, it's American Eagle and it is so cosy to wear, best of all it was only €19. My only issue is that green fluff from it always gets on other clothes, I hate when clothes do that.
It's meant to rain a months worth of rain in 24 hours so I am staying firmly indoors today with tea, bags of minstrels and an episode of New Girl. The only hint of summer at the moment is pictures of the gorgeous outfits worn at Coachella, someday I will definitely go to it. It's coverage on loads and loads of blogs has given me so much inspiration for summer outfits, if we get warm weather that is! If anyone has gone I'd love to hear about it!

Outfit details: Shorts (River Island sale, €10), Jumper (TK Max, €19), Teddy Bear Hat (Christmas Present, Primark), White tee (Primark, €2.50), shoes (Primark).



  1. I'm a massive Primark fan too! Love your finds here :D

    Thanks for commenting my blog!

    Sasha xx

  2. Nice outfit! I really like the combination of blue and green :)

  3. You’re so fashionable. I like your outfit and how you matching them. Thanks for sharing.

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