Saturday, February 4, 2012

Marc Jacobs: Lola

Ultimate style budgeting=items that multitask! Case in point, Marc Jacobs solid perfume, Lola. I love this perfume which I received as a gift from my parents a while back, not only does it smell beautiful but its presentation means it can be worn as a bracelet or a chain on a bag. Its an eye catching accessory, in popping colours and design, it's not flimsy which I love, you can wear it all night and not have to worry about it. No need for carrying around perfume bottles in your handbag when you head out for the night, it brightens up my outfit and I can top up my perfume whenever I wish. Perfume can be so pricey, I hate when I run out, so getting an accessory at the same time is a great bonus. Items like this also allow you to enjoy a designer label without the luxury price tag of their clothing ranges.

It made the perfect companion to the dress I wore for my boyfriends graduation ball made by my mum, the purple of the flower matched my dress and the heavy gold coloured chain matched my heels. The purple dress was previously made for my sister and had little pink diamante hearts at the waist, to change it up, my mum removed the hearts and added a matching bow, and lilac net underneath to add volume to the dress. As I was buying some new makeup for the ball, I didn't want to splurge on new clothes or accesories for the night, altering existing clothes is an excellent way of avoiding this. The dress was paired with items regularly seen on the blog, River Island heels (borrowed from my mum) and Juicy Couture cupcake necklace (21st gift from my boyfriend).

Another tip for when you have a special event coming up, is to take advantage of the fact that many makeup counters do your makeup if you buy a certain number of products. Buying new makeup can obviously be quite expensive especially if you buy certain brands, so if your planning on buying some anyway why not book to get your makeup done also. Mine was done at the Benefit counter when I bought two products, I purchased Hoola bronzer and a concealer, which I had already planned to buy and I had my makeup done with a purple smoky eye to match my outfit for the ball. Many brands offer this service such as Inglot and Mac, Mac also do a free makeup lesson when you spend a certain amount on products. If your intending on spending your hard earned money make sure to get as much as you can in return.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I've been doing college work and watching New Girl, anyone else love this program?

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  1. I'm tempted to do this at mac to get a lesson before my wedding!



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