Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Shoes

I seem to have got a taste for suede as of late, not the most practical of shoes but there's always weather protection sprays! If fluff starts to ruin the look of your suede as is an issue with these heels, just roll a lint remover over them, H&M do great lint removers very cheaply in cute patterns. First up is these black heels with cream bows from New Look. The great thing about New Look is the student discount, so these classic heels ending up costing €31. Always ask if stores offer student discounts, every little off helps, 10% off adds up overtime and you never know unless you ask.

Next is these gorgeous cream suede River Island boots that I got earlier in the summer after my Aldo boots fell to pieces. I love the buckle details that give a little nod to Vivienne Westwoods' pirate boots that I love. The heel is quite low so they're very comfy to wear even when your busy. However word of warning if you think these will stay pristine they will not! Scuffs appear constantly but I love the worn in look so I don't mind and with any luck they will look better and better with wear just like my Aldo boots that I wore to death.

My favourite thing about both these shoes? Their versatility. Can you think of anything that these wouldn't go with. Black heels go with everything and can be dressed up or down. Likewise for the boots, I've worn them with leggings and oversized tees, purple tights and burnt orange and cream dresses, short going out orange mini dress, skinny jeans and sequined jumpers and the options just go on and on. Their very weather permitting though, puddles and these boots aren't going to look good together.

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  1. Your the second blog I've read today delighted with their New Look shoes! I got some gold glittery ballet pumps from them at the weekend & I'm chuffed too!

  2. omg! im in love with your new heels and boots!! i want those boots so badly!! i wish there as a river island and new look around where i live!! thanks for the comment!! (:


  3. I soo love the shoes and boots! They are really stylish! <3<3

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  5. both shoes are amazing but i neeeeed those heels in my life! x

  6. Oh my goodness, I adore the bow ones!! So stinkin' cute!!

    P.S. Thank You for stopping by my blog :)


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