Saturday, February 25, 2012

Orange Crush

Another weekend, another blogpost! I've been having a Gossip Girl marathon since Valentines day with my new boxsets. Watchin my favourite programs with some chocolate is how I always relax after alot of college work: The OC, Gossip Girl, New Girl, The Big Bang Theory (I have seen every single episode, Sheldon is histerical), Rules of Engagment.... Any great program reccomendations?

I wore this outfit for a family party last weekend, I love the tiny cats printed all over the dress. I wear this dress to death having bought it last summer in Primark for around €12 or €15 euro I think, I also bought a cream flower patterened one. They were great buys, I wear them to college all the time, with black tights or leggings and black biker boots. When it's warm I can wear them with shorts and flip flops, when it's cold I can layer a top and leggings underneath and a wooly cardigan on top.

I styled my hair in my go-to-do: a messy bun. To do this style, I tie my hair in a ponytail, using a hair donut (mesh donuts, you can buy them in Primark for €1.50 and they come in different shades for dark and light hair colours) I shape my hair into a bun and pin it in place. For a loose messy look I backcomb my hair before tying it up and fix it with hairspray. It's the easiest way to style your hair, it's totally out of your way and with some hair accesories (I love coloured feathers) it can be really glamorous.

Outfit details: Dress (Primark), Tights (Primark), Boots (River Island). Hope everyone is having a great weekend, the sun is starting to appear and the daffodils are blooming!

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  1. this dress is so cute and tbh i don't think there's a programme that i don't watch....i'm a bit of an addict :P x


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