Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ladies Day at the Galway Races

I have been completely AWOL, but it's not due to laziness it's because I've had the most incredibly busy summer. I moved to a new place, started a science internship, meet new people and learnt so much. With the summer starting to draw to an end and I'll soon be returning to college once again, I have at last found some time to sit down and write an actual proper blog post! I've loads to share from the summer months that have passed, so I thought I'd start with the famous and fabulous Galway Races. I had never been before and was lucky enough to get to attend on Ladies day, along with 42,000 other beautifully dressed people.

My beautiful dress was made by my mammy and is incredibly comfortable. I love the tiny flower print, bow sash and bright net peaking out from underneath. The net has a great affect on the shape of the dress, creating a ballerinaesque skirt which is great fun to wear. I paired it with a cream cardigan with flower corsages (Primark), gold River Island heels (borrowed), sunglasses (Moschino at TK Max)and cupcake necklace (Juicy Couture, birthday present). I was not pleased to later find my beloved €20 Moschino sunglasses broken in my bag! My budgeted ladies day hairpiece consisted of two Primark pink feather pieces at €2.50 each, I clipped them at the front of my huge messy bun.

A perfect day out, and despite the shocking amount of money that is spent at the races, if you don't have ample quantities of cash you can still enjoy it. The only new items I purchased for the day was my Primark feathers, there is often student tickets on offer and my beating came to a grand total of €2. The atmosphere and energy was just amazing, I would recommend it to anyone. And of course the glamour at Ladies day is not to be beaten so you will enjoy hours of fashion inspiration and competition!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week and a huge thank you to everyone who continues to follow and read my blog!

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  1. such a pretty dress!! and looks like you were having a lot of fun! (:


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