Monday, May 9, 2011

Hot Chocolate in Paris

We had the loveliest weather in April so I thought I'd be packing up this coat for a while...and then May arrived, bringing with it heavy rain and winds. So my favourite coat remains at the forefront of my wardrobe, for the moment at least. To think I almost lost it last week! Unfortunately these Aldo boots aren't holding up aswell, the toes have a hole forming and the sole has cracked. I'm going to try get them fixed, there the perfect boots, they're so comfortable and go with everything I wear, I really really don't want to get rid of them. This outfit is from Paris after we visited the Louvre, my boyfriend took a few pictures of my outfit for me and of the birds out enjoying the sun.

This outfit is just a simple, comfy outfit for a day of sightseeing; Coat (Dorothy Perkins), Leggings (River Island), Boots (Aldo), Bag (River Island). None of these pieces are new to the blog, there just some of my favourite pieces that I always look to when I'm getting ready in a rush. I actually wore some variation of this outfit everyday in Paris, with the exception of disneyland of course!

These pictures seem like they were taken absolutely ages ago, I'm already studying for my final exams of the year. Time flies at a shocking rate when your busy, it's hard to keep up. I'd love some of that hot chocolate right now! Hope everyone is having a nice start to the week. I'm off to make stacks upon stacks of notes enjoy!

P.s. Images property of thriftylilpixie (taken by colm delaney)
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  1. those boots are very cute, hope you can get them fixed

  2. you look so happy and relaxed in Paris:)


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