Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heart of gold

A day off, yay! It's been quite a long break between outfit posts, just goes to show how busy 2011 is proving to be. I'm going to get back into the habit of taking outfit pics, I usually just through something on and rush out the door to class. By the time I get home I've got dinner and an episode of criminal minds on the agenda not taking a few snaps of my outfit, but hopefully that will change with a little practice. Anyways, on to the outfit in question, I've had this H&M gold heart jumper for years after getting it as a Christmas present from a friend. I'm surprised how good a condition it still is in usually these kind of jumpers loose there shape at the end and get baggy over time and after numerous washes. I'm so glad it hasn't because it is one of my favourite things to wear, the pattern is just so cute! It's even got little cream buttons on the shoulders, attention to detail makes things so much more special. The rest is my usual wardrobe staples; leggings, boots and ribbed tees, what would my college wardrobe be without them? My little Chanel scarf (a fake of course, that is not the kind of budget I'm working with) was purchased in Lanzarote for €7, it's great for adding a little dose of colour, in your hair, as a scarf or tied to your bag and the gold thread matches my jumper (I like a little subtle matching).

Here's a few little additions to my possessions of late, every one of them a burst of colour, perfect for the warmer weather that's starting to make an appearance. Everything with the exception of the scarf and sunnies (both bought in Lanzarote, the only items I bought there other than food) were birthday presents; Avon lip glosses, hair clips, necklace, earrings and pencil case all Accessorize.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend I'm back to work tomorrow so I'm making the most of my one day weekend and I'm off to watch some gossip girl. I've a guest post scheduled for tommorrow so I'll see yas then!

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