Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekly Catch up

At last the weekend is here but unfortunatly I'm under the weather so my plans for the weekend had to be put on the backburner. So instead I've tried to nurse my self better with a hot lemon, manuka honey and ginger concoction, a foot bath, the new Glamour mag and some Notting Hill. After all what couldn't be solved with a rom com starring Hugh Grant.

Here's a glimpse at my new coat, a present from my mammy, it was on sale marked down from a €100 to €50 at Dorothy Perkins. I'm trying to get the maximum wear out of it that I can before the weather heats up. Of course, it will be taken out again next winter to be worn to death. A classic duffel coat is a true wardrobe investment that goes with everyhing. I have already worn it with everthing from leggings and boots for college, to tulle and velvet formal dresses, to shorts and a gold sequinned top for a night out!

coat- Dorothy Perkins- €50
boots- Ebay
leggings- River Island
check shirt- New Look

A little weekly catchup:
I don't get the chance to post alot during the week due to college, so I've decided to start doing weekly catchups with a few snaps of what I got up to (other than studying and working).

My guest post over at rebel angel here, fort building in the living room complete with fairy lights and Gossip Girl, and celebrating my housemate and friends 21st birthday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

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  1. What an adorable coat
    How you start to feel better soon


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