Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm a broken record

I know I've already had a lenghty babble about boots but I had to share the pair I finally bought yesterday I am over the moon with them...
Aldo priced at 95 euro that might seem pricey but I literally have to wear them everyday for college and that means I needed a pair of boots that would go with everything, keep my feet dry, be comfortable to walk in and be hard wearing. When one pair of boots do all that they are worth every cent.

My boyfriend had a little fun with my bag referencing Brad Pitt's character in 'Inglorious Bastards' (one of the best movies we have seen in a very long time)

Perhaps very late in posting the following photos but I'm a very busy girl :)
I have gone off alot of fashion magazines lately because it just is next to impossible to afford the clothes they feature and it can be just depressing to browse pages of magazines that are unrealistic to a student with a budget that doesn't fit. When I saw Kate Moss's gypsy shoot I was in love, now here's a look I want to recreate that I could have real fun and creativity with, it has more of the spirit of today, it's more raw, creative carefree and just breathtaking. Constantly being limited in magazines and stores with what is 'in' and 'fashionable' and so 'vogue' is really frustrating, I want clothes that are beautiful and comfortable not just 'trendy'. Kate Moss's shoot for V magazine has real spirit and life, it's not obvious what the labels she is wearing are and I love that. I want to recreate this look with vintage and second hand and just not caring what is acceptable to wear. And I would do anything for a gypsy caravan like that one.

P.S. V magazine images sourced from google images
P.S.S. I have to thank my boyfriend for his astounding patience boot shopping, I'm horrendous to shop with xox


  1. The boots looks great! And i remember just seeing that photoshoot in v...

  2. Kate Moss is so classic, I love her.

    Those boots look awesome! And you're right, for something that you'll be wearing so much, the higher quality the better, and they're worth the money.

  3. She's just a beautiful creature! Love the Aldo boots too!


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