Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guilt free Gift

I love my new house it is right beside a brilliant St. Vincent De Paul charity shop where myself, my boyfriend and his mammy spent nearly two hours the other day rummaging through the treasures. Among our buys was numerous books and CDs, a cosy navy and black striped jumper to keep me warm during college and a tiny practically antique organic chemistry book my boyfriend bought me. The best buy of all was a 15 piece china set for my mammy's birthday, it was originally priced at 25 euro but when the lady was taking the milk jug from the cabinet she broke of the handle so it was only 15 euro for the lot! Luckily my boyfriend had the handle glued back on in a few minutes and you'd never know anything happened to it. I am thrilled with how Eco friendly the entire present is even the wrapping which was from a fragrance set my boyfriends mammy was given, hell even all the bubble wrap and tissue paper each piece was individually wrapped in was recycled. It might sound like a cheap and stingy idea but the reality is my mammy collects china and is in love with the set, its 'Elizabethan' and stamped as fine bone china and was made in England. It's recycled every single bit of it down to the ribbon the box is tide in, the reused gift box is gorgeous with embossed velvety flowers and it's helping charity.

P.S. Don't be ashamed to recycle and shop at charity shops if it's a gift that someone will love it shouldn't matter how much it cost


  1. the china is really pretty!
    i bought my mum a book about her favourite painter on a flea market for 1,50€ ;) she liked it nevertheless

  2. I love charity shops, that tea set is GORGEOUS!! <33

  3. Beautiful china, it looks like something out of Marie Antoinette! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I will be sure to follow yours.

  4. There's not a single thing to ashamed about!! This china set is darling.. such an amazing purchase!

  5. Omg that tea set is absolutely beautiful!! I wouldn't mind having drinking tea over and over again in them :D

  6. I love charity shops, that tea set is GORGEOUS!!

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  7. it looks like something out of Marie Antoinette!

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