Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bucket List: Eating Crickets

Let's be honest, when you stroll through your bloglovin feed, edible insects do not feature often. Not alot of bloggers would happily share pictures of themselves with no makeup, hair messy, casual clothes and a cricket shoved in their mouth. But I happily do this, all in the name of lifestyle blogging. Lately I've been embracing the YOLO spirit, even though I hate the term YOLO. In the last few weeks I've been to gay pride for the first time, rode a mechanical bull (I only lasted 17 seconds but somehow ended up with 4 bruises), eaten garlic cheese chips and a few crickets and mealsworms too! Entomophagy is the human consumption of insects and is a common around the world. However in many countries, including Ireland, it is rare and can seem a little bit strange. Entomophagy is beginning to appear on our radars more and more, with fans hailing it as eco-friendly and an alternative source of protein in our diet. You can currently buy insect flour and insect protein bars, not to mention candy and chocolate varieties. We however decided to go a little more radical than cricket flour, we went for the real thing. By real thing, I actually mean insects breed specifically for human consumption and spiced up with curry and Thai flavors. The worst part of eating insects, in my opinion anyway, is holding them in your hand, with their eyes and wings still there. Even covered in curry powder, crickets just look like. Once you manage to eat it the taste isn't too bad. I'm not saying I'd be the first in line if they start selling them in Tesco, but the idea is much worse than the reality. Of course there's alot more to entomophagy than curry flavored mealworms, but it's a fun place to start and maybe finish too!

If you've tried snacking on insects I'd love to know what you thought!



  1. I've heard before that insects don't taste too bad, but I have the biggest phobia of literally all insects, I don't thinkmo could do it! Interesting about the insect protien bars and flour though, I never knew about those!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I don't think I could do this! Kudos!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  3. You're So brave! And totally crazy hahaha great read though! Fair play ~ Siobhan xx

  4. I definitely don't think I could do this haha! Very impressed!
    Hannah x

  5. ooh i don't think i could! but hats off to you for trying :)


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