Sunday, November 16, 2014

Folkster Kilo Sale + Haul

I love Shutterbug in Kilkenny and their Folkster shop in Dublin even more, so I was really excited to attend their Vintage Kilo Sale on the 2nd of November. The Shutterbug/Folkster Vintage Kilo Sale was held in Haymarket, Smithfield. It was basically a huge pop up shop of rail upon rail of vintage and bohemian clothing sold at €20 for a kilo. We collected our tickets at 8 in the morning, headed off for a big fry up breakfast, returning at half 11 to queue in our allocated zone. There was a huge well dressed crowd waiting in anticipation to grab some serious bargains. So much outfit inspiration to take in while we waited. When it turned 12 and the barriers opened there was a literal stampede of vintage hungry shoppers, grabbing everything off the rails. It was crazy and so much fun. My bf was the perfect companion for the event, carrying all the treasures I threw at him. After the initial panic grabbing of garments, shoppers headed to different corners to whittle their haul down to their favorites and then the queuing to pay commenced. Waiting in line I was guessing away at how much my haul would cost, hoping I'd get away with everything I wanted for €60 or so. I couldn't believe it when the total price came to just €38.40, less than €40 for a whole bag of treats, incredible! I can't recommend their kilo sale enough, an incredibly impressive and varied stock, flawlessly organised and a really fun, different way to shop. Bring your friends, your boyfriend, just make sure to go the next time! While your waiting for the next event drop into one of their amazing shops or shop online here.

Total Spent = €38.40

Now let's discuss the haul itself! For €38.40 I got my hands on: 4 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 camouflage jacket, 1 jumper and 3 bandannas. My absolute favorite pick is the white wintry shorts with braid and fringe detail, it's so different, I would have spent far more than €38 on those shorts alone. I've been having great fun styling all my new finds for work, pairing the shorts/skirt with thick fleece lined tights from Primark and ankle boots. What's your favorite piece from my haul? Did you get anything at the kilo sale? 


  1. Great post! c: x

  2. Wow, that's a great haul, and the price isn't bad at all! Here, the thrift stores don't sell very nice/attractive things. If you want wearable clothes that don't make you look like you've been living on the streets, you'd have to go to a vintage store, where the clothes cost as good as the new stuff. :o)

  3. You picked up some gems!! If you hear of it happening again!! Let me me know xxx

  4. Lovely purchases! I can't believe how little you paid for them!

    Bella Pummarola


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