Saturday, October 12, 2013

Red Bull Cliff Diving - Malcesine

On our second day in Lake Garda we were lucky enough to hop on a ferry down the lake to Malcesine to see the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. The diving platform was positioned on the walls of Scaliger Castle, with over 20,000 people crammed onto the beach below and in boats floating on the lake watching in awe in the soaring temperatures as David Colturi was crowned victorious. There was also the first ever women's competition. It was an amazing way to kick of a holiday in Lake Garda, ancient setting, huge crowd creating an electrifying atmosphere and terrifying diving.

To handle the unbelievable heat standing among thousands of people I wore a loose light Aztec dress from Primark (€15) with Primark studded jelly flip flops.  

Only one post left to share from Italy of our visit to Limone where we tasted limoncello and bought pastel colored pasta and lemon biscuits.



  1. what a standout! in a good way.

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