Friday, April 5, 2013

Counter Burger

One of my favorite place to go all out on comfort food at the moment is Counter Burger, 20 Suffolk Street Dublin. I can't express how much I love this place. First of all you get to design your own custom burger from the most incredibly yummy list of options and there is little boxes to tick with your picks (ticking off lists is stupidly fun). The selection of cheese alone is seriously impressive. Next the 50:50 onion rings/sweet potato fries is out of this world, the onion rings are so light and crispy unlike any onion rings I have ever eaten, get this to share because there is loads. Then the burger...AMAZING, I always get the chicken burger with a selection of toppings, I get the smallest size I think it's 1/3lb but it is so filling. Lastly, they serve Long Island Ice Teas...that's all you need to know.

So many choices...

Crowned with a fried egg

The 50:50. You need to try this simple as that.

Long Island Ice tea to wash it all down.

On to desert. We headed over to the Irish Film Institute, a really nice place if you looking for something different then your plain old movie and popcorn to impress a date with. They have a really nice restaurant, I had raspberry roulade and some tea. We went to see The Paperboys, which was really really not my kind of movie despite it starring Zac Efron and Matthew Mc Conaughey but I would still definitely recommend the IFI, it's a beautiful building with great food and a jam packed shop with loads of Irish movies on sale.

Writing this post has made me so very hungry, I'm off to nibble on some leftover Easter Egg. Happy Friday!



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  1. This sounds so mouth-watering delicious! I wish we had a place like this where I live!


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