Monday, August 6, 2012

Slouchy Knits

I can't believe it's already August, the summer is nearly over, but it doesn't seem to have arrived in Ireland yet! My maxi dresses and swimsuits have stayed firmly in the closet, meaning my autumn/winter clothes have had to work harder than ever. It's been a hectic few summer months, thankfully I'm getting into the groove of my new work after the first couple of months and I'm making great progress on my 22 before 23 list. I've started my postgrad, been to a Bruce Springesteen concert, bought my grad ball tickets and outfit and I'm practising my driving every chance I get.

A new job means a whole new wardrobe challenge, lab work demands comfy clothes and very comfy shoes, but lab coats means less stress when it comes to picking outfits as it's probably going to be covered most of the day. This is a typical outfit I'd wear as its got layers incase I get too warm but I'd have to pair it with flats rather than wedges or my feet would be in bits by the end of the day!

Outfit details: Cream jumper (River Island), Jeans (Vila), Wedges (Hoss, borrowed from my mum), necklace (Hot Diamonds).

Has everyone been enjoying the Olympics, I've been following the boxing mainly, Katie Taylor was amazing today, fingers crossed she'll get the gold!

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  1. love your outfit hun x x

  2. ooo lovely nails, girl!

    Hybid Hunter


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