Monday, June 7, 2010

Sex and the City 2

This summer is starting off perfectly. I have been quite busy the last few days, working, visiting my boyfriend and enjoying a scorching hot day eating jam donuts in the park and being treated to Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest at the Gaiety theatre. Went to Sex and The City 2 the previous day and scoffed huge Galaxy caramel bars while laughing our heads off. Sure there's mixed opinions out there on the second SATC movie but there is no denying that is so much fun to see with friends for a girly laugh and the costumes are incredible, inspiring and original, I want every single piece. Unfortunately I'd be a bit stuck finding somewhere to wear them, Carrie might saunter through the isles doing her weakly shop looking ravishing in a ballgown, but I just don't think I could get away with it at Tesco. Having said that the movie definatly has made me want to dress more creatively what's the point in keeping your most beautiful clothes and jewelery for some day, some day might never come. What did you think of SATC 2, the setting, the plot, the STYLE???
In keeping with discussing clothes here's what I wore to see SATC, it's certainly no Patricia Field ensemble but I like it!

Outfit details: New 'Yeah Yeah Yeah' bow print dress (purchased with credit note that was gifted), Black leggings River Island (Christmas present), Cardigan (robbed from mammy), shoes Primark (Pennys), bracelet (bridesmaid gift), gold scarf (second hand).
My poor little sister must act as my make up artist slash hair stylist anytime I want to look somewhat presentable, she is so talented if only some of that talent would rub of on me I'm dire at styling my hair. I do the bed head look everyday out of necessity not clever styling! Here's some of the tools she used for these photos, I love her Coastal Scents Palette it reminds me of a paint palette, the colours are so rich and pigmented (I only use the more neutral tones though).

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Going out like Sex in the city, coming home like Fair City!


  1. Going for SATC2 this weekend with my girlfriends. We look at it as a chance to have a girly night and dress up too.
    Adore the colours of the makeup palette.

  2. haha fair ciry, this made me laugh

    your outfit is really cute, good to see some Irish girls blogging :)

    you should try wearing a ball gown to Tesco... :)

    great blog, I'll be back to check out your next post
    thanks for visiting mine :)

  3. cute outfit!!


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