Monday, May 31, 2010

Schools out for summer

The last few days have been hectic, moving home from college for the summer after a month of exams (hence the absence from blogging). Let me tell you trying to cramp a room full of college stuff into a room that is already packed is incredibly frustrating. I'm going to miss my little college house and everyone there, but well all be back in a few months with a new little home.

The multi coloured maxi dress I wore for the beach party is Primark and cost 11 euro, money well spent, a mini heatwave hit for a week during the exams and I LIVED in this dress.
I've so many projects and outfits and ideas I want to share this summer and I'll be posting much more often with exam stress finally out of the way.
Jesse form Just Flew The Coop (she has a very inspiring interior design blog) tagged me with this short survey blogger tag
List 3 things that you would want on a deserted island if there was food and water.
List 5 of your favorite novels of all time.
Tag 3 other bloggers.
3 things that I would want on a deserted island:
My boyfriend, a Sat Nab (to get of the island) and a camera (to record the beautiful scenery). Also possibly bear grills he'd know how to survive.
5 of your favorite novels of all time:
I wouldn't be the biggest reader of all time but I reckon if I was deserted on an island and I needed a few books I'd pick something girly to lighten the mood on account of being deserted and everything. So I'd bring Bridget Jones Diary, Heidi and Little Women (I've loved those books since I was a little girl), some Grimms Fairy tales and The Notebook (which I'm in the middle of reading). Now I tag everyone who'd like to take part (Let me know how you get on)!

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