Monday, April 19, 2010

New Thrifted Find

Last week was just perfect, the weather was beautiful, all sunny and bright. I spent my days walking by the canal on my way to learning watching the ducks and swans in the sunshine. Went to Fosset's circus with my boyfriend, my jaw was on the floor for the entire time, just so incredible and dangerous, no safety net in sight. Went thrift shopping and relaxed on a little bridge under the shade of trees together, dipping my feet in the water. April has been amazing so far! I thought I'd share with you another of my charity shop finds (this time from Mrs Quinn's)and another baking adventure.
I love everything about this top, the colour, the little hearts, the frill detail and of course the price (only 3 euro). This was my outfit for saturday, I love to wear my new things right after I buy them. Outfit details: Cardigan borrowed from my mammy, leggings River Island (gift), shoes from Primark, Top thrifted, watch D&G (gift from boyfriend), Pandora bracelet (gift), my engagement ring, my granny's engagement ring and another ring of my Granny's. I also got a loose purple top on our thriftying day which I'll share with you soon. I love how you can go days and days and see nothing at all in a charity shops and suddenly one days its full of things you must have, it's hard to beat that element of surprise and feeling of uncovering a treasure.

I am starting to get into a bit of a habit of baking, any excuse to load chocolate into my day. With our lectures cancelled a baking day with friends took its place, we baked chocolate chip cookies, brownies and rice krispies cakes. To make this utterly delicious, seriously unhealthy treat mix rice krispies and toffees, dairy milk chocolates and a bag of marshmallows.

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