Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cupcake Experiment

Sunday was spent making our fantasy cupcake. Dreaming up what would taste delicious we made Mars bar cupcakes, with little cubes of Mars bar nestled in the centre during baking. When the cupcakes were cooled more Mars bar was melted down and swirled on top as icing. With a total of ten bars used it certainly wasn't healthy but it was insanely delicious. Hidden all in green and purple paper they were a perfect present for my boyfriend although I helped him eat his present (in fact I barley gave him the chance to eat any!). I love chocolate, I love bars and I love cupcakes, naturally putting them all together was bound to be a good idea!

What's your fantasy cupcake?
I decided to give the blog a fresher, brighter look to match the time of year and warmer weather that's starter to make an appearance.
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