Monday, February 2, 2015

Birthday Girl

Another year older and a few little celebrations to mark the occasion. It wouldn't be my birthday without a chocolate cake, or two! I celebrated my birthday eating lots of takeaway and cake, going shopping and for tea with my mum, having my little sister and her adorable puppy to visit and lastly enjoying a few cocktails. I love any kind of celebration/holiday/anniversary, I just love celebrating really, any excuse to have fun. For drinks in Dublin I wore a new Bershka blouse and River Island leather look leggings, dressed up with a gold Zara headpiece and Folkster bangle. The great thing about this Zara headband is that you can do nothing at all with your hair and it still looks like you made an effort. I broke in my Smashbox Full Exposure palette for my makeup, thanks to this palette and my sisters instructions I have graduated from just doing eyeliner with a hint of blending. 

It was another great birthday, they do come around crazily fast though. Being in college for a prolonged time, having undertaken a postgrad after my degree it kind of freezes time in a way as your surrounded by the same place and college students for so long. It's going to be very strange to finish after a combined 8 years in college, starting at 18 and finishing at 26. There's still plenty to do yet before I finish next year, a whole thesis to write in fact, I wonder how different my 27 birthday will be leaving my studying days behind!


Thank you for reading xox

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