Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pizza & Photography in Dublin

Pacino's Restaurant, Bar & Venue
18 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2

Cycling the MGWR, from Past to Present
The National Photographic Archive
 Meeting House Square, Temple Bar

Irish Film Institute
Temple Bar, 6 Eustace St, Dublin 

During the week, we ventured into Dublin for a little art and some delicious food. I mentally had to drag myself away from my cosy bed and slippers and out into the freezing weather, but it was worth it. We started the evening with an early dinner at Pacino's on Suffolk street. First up was a well earned drink after a long day at work, a Bellini for me and a red wine for him. We've been going out for dinner in Pacino's for years, the food is delicious and the location is perfect for spending the day exploring Dublin. I had a Parma pizza with a thin crispy base topped with rocket and he had a huge steak with a helping of veggies. With our tummy's full we headed out into the crisp evening towards Temple bar. Our next stop was the National Photographic Archive for the current exhibition Cycling the MGWR from Past to Present. It is a multimedia exhibition by the artist Pamela De Bri. Her work is centered around the former Midland and Great Western Railway route which she cycled and photographed. The exhibition is a fascinating look at how the stations had changed since they were photographed between 1937 and 1977. She not only photographed those stations but also captured stories and local history from the locals themselves. The exhibition was buzzing with people admiring her work and nibbling on canapes. Just before returning home we nipped into the Irish Film Institute for some tea and cake and then it was off to bed with the wind howling outside. 

Where are your favorite spots in Dublin?



  1. Hi lovely, I've nominated you for the Liebster Awards, please go to for your questions! :)

    Plain Sarah Jayne xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely date night! I know what you mean though! I feel like I do nothing these dark evenings! I need to start being more productive!
    Martina xx


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