Sunday, October 26, 2014

Being a mermaid: Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Upon reading many glowing recommendations on Tripadvisor, I was detemined to visit Bagni della Regina Giovanna, the baths of Queen Joan.  This amazing tiny rocky 'beach' is set among the ruins of the Roman villa Pollio Felix. There is something magical about this place, it's secluded, peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful. It's the kind of treasure you dream of stumbling upon on your travels. You can get the bus here from Sorrento to Capo, as it's quite a long walk. Follow a quiet stone path downwards until you reach the crystal clear water below. Jump in for a swim, be careful not to slip and search for tiny crabs hiding in the rocks. Afterwards we went for a stroll around the area to dry off in the sun and we were greeted by lizards running around in every direction. This was one of my standout highlights from our trip as I love exploring nature.

Dress: River Island
Bikini: Primark

I'm having such a relaxing bank holiday weekend, it's my first bank holiday off in I don't know how long. I'm making the most of it, chilling at home in super soft trackies, drinking countless cups of tea and catching up on my favorite blogs and vlogs. Anyone doing anything exciting for the long weekend or doing as little as possible like me?


  1. spectacular look amazing!

  2. Amazing picture!!! Great bikini too
    Always love your posts
    Martins xx

  3. Wow, what a beautiful location. You look great, too!
    The weekend is when I spend time sleeping as much as possible; I'm such a Taurus. Lol. :-P

  4. These pictures are looking so awesome !

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  5. What a beautiful place! I can't believe you were actually swimming in the sea in October, you're Superwoman! ;)

    Bella Pummarola


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