Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lace and Ribbons

This beautiful dress was made by my mum in just one day (incredible!) for a party my sister was attending. Naturally as soon as it was back on the hanger, I nabbed it to wear for my boyfriends birthday celebration. I am in love with this dress; the colour combination, the contrasting fabric textures and the fact it was made from scraps of material from previous projects. Recycling has never looked so good! I paired it with navy Primark leggings and my trusty River Island booties, a slightly unusual pairing but I wanted it to look a little more casual. I used heated curlers to give my hair a relaxed wavy look, a nice change from my go-to-bun updo.

Throughout my college degree I've noticed my style change alot, back when I first started it was all jeans, hoodies and tracksuits, then came my never ending love for leggings and oversized tees and cardigans, and now coming to the end of my degree my passion for dresses. Dresses make getting ready so easy, it's one item and bam your done! It began with a wide selection of black dresses; sequined, bodycon, chiffon, star print you name it, and then progressed to cute day dresses and maxi dresses in cat print, flower print, bow print... I belong to the Zooey Deschanel school of dress loving! My trick for translating short going out dresses to day wear is pairing them with shorts and tights for extra coverage. I have my eye on a navy blue print dress at the moment, to spend the money or not hmmmm...

Anyway hope everyone is having a great weekend and relaxing, I'm munching down on Terry's Chocolate orange and studying, has anyone tried the white chocolate one, its amazing!

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  1. Wow your mom is so clever making this dress!
    It looks lovely :) x


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