Friday, March 5, 2010

Summer Florals 2010

With the sun and a glimpse of warmer arriving I'm starting to dream of summer; the beach, ice cream, little birds singing, cold drinks, blue skies and little floral dresses. This favourite outfit of mine from The Cherry Blossom Girl has me longing for clothes with flowers scattered all over them. Hers is from the Urban Collection and I've set out to find my own collection of floral pieces for the summer.
First up is Awear where I found this 'Paradise Ditsy Wrap Blouse' for 28 euro, perfect with some denim shorts and sandals.

I gravitate more towards tiny ditsy flower prints rather than anything to bold or graphic. This floral print Ra Ra skirt is also Awear and is priced at 28 euro, its subtle enough to wear during the day with a simple tank and be dressed up for summer nights with heels.

This Vintage Style Floral Bib from Awear would be perfect with a little white dress for the summer and is priced at 20 euro. Awear has a variety of floral pieces and floral accessories, for more ideas visit their website

Primark also has gone crazy with floral options. The first image is a little floral overkill, personally I would only wear one of these floral items at a time mixed with more basic pieces.

Rose print blouse, £8, lace vest, £4, rose print shorts, £5 and ditzy print fabric trilby, £4.

Ditzy lantern braces skirt, £9, ideal for summer with a White tshirt underneath or when the weather gets colder with a thin knit jumper underneath and some woolly tights.
These rose print shorts are just adorable and are priced at £5.

This cotton floral print scarf is ideal for those slightly wary of the print who want to add just a touch of it to their outfit, tied in their hair, on their bag, hanging loosely around their neck and is priced at £3.
More floral pieces available from Primark include floral print playsuits, blouses, prom dresses, scarfs and boyfriend blazers. Primark seems to be jam packed with floral finds this summer.
Etsy also has floral pieces to get you ready for summer. My favourite is this deep maroon colored floral short kimono, beach dress from monkeysnmermaids' shop and is priced at $38.

What are your favourite finds for summer 2010? What clothes puts you in the mood for summer?
P.s. None of these images are property of thriftylilpixie. Sources include: The Cherry Blossom Girl,, and Etsy. If you would like to be credited for any of these images or have them removed just let me know


  1. Cute finds! I'm in love with those floral shorts, such a cute cut.
    I cannot WAIT for summer so I can break out my florals! :)

  2. I want everything on this list! this is not going to be good for my wallet...


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