Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Latest Budget Buys

My summer wardrobe is bursting with budget finds. In the last two days I've unearthed three new pieces I love and I know will work as well in the three other seasons of the year, with the weather all over the place it could be any season right now. Here is my newest finds modelled by my sister. New finds include brown jacket, striped shirt and belt, free winona tshirt, 'the work just keeps pilling up' top, sunglasses, free tee with elle magazine and Love letter necklace. I've mixed new finds with older pieces and borrowed pieces, never be afraid to try mixing clothes from mens wardrobes with your own. When your on a budget you can't be snobbish about where you source your clothes from for example old men's shirts or lumberjack shirts make perfect shirtdresses which is very MJ & Ashley Olsen.

Photo 1: tshirt free with this months elle magazine, necklace won on, sunglasses bought in Italy 3 euro.
Photo 2&3: tshirt alternative lux in Italy 15 euro, leggings 5 euro Primark.
Photo 4: topshop top 4.50 euro from charity shop, leggings as before,handbag gift from my boyfriend, ribbon in hair found, ring 1 euro primark.
Photo 5: Necklace won in competition on thank you!
Photo 6&7: Shirt robbed from brother, cut off shorts made from jeans.
Photo 8&9: Jacket primark 21 euro, shirt with belt 13 euro, shorts as before.
Photo 10&11: Top from Italy 10 euro, shorts from miss selfridges, glasses mui mui.

Speaking of budget buys for those of you that lust over Balmain blazers or Ashley Olsen's androgynous look primark/penneys has the perfect budget buy for you, this 25 euro blazer is right on trend and is in stores in august.

Many thanks to for the beautiful necklace there's only one thing better than budget buys and that's anything free.
P.s. Photos property of thriftylilpixie, Mary Kate and Ashley images sourced from google images


  1. Did I say I love that winona tee already? i do. And there's a horse in that picture!! Super cute blog!

  2. i love those high waisted shorts. absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Great finds, especially love the cute shorts! And yes, anything free is fabulous:)

  4. if that horse is your im super jealous!!!
    (: x

  5. 1) I LOVE your sunglasses.

    2) I have been coveting that Free Winona tee for years. Unfortunately, I don't even think they're making it anymore! :(

    3) I have a jacket that looks quite like the brown one featured here and I love it more and more with each passing day.

    You are simply adorable. Love this post! :)

  6. Loved your blog!
    Take a look at ours whenever u want!

  7. thanks for checking out my blog - i really like yours!

  8. im not going to lie, i used to detest marykate, but shes growing on me. her style is really cute

  9. I love all of your finds! Especially the brown jacket and the ruffle tank. Too cute! :)

  10. first t-shirt looks awesome with your hair!

  11. Oh, I love the Primark blazer!


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