Sunday, May 3, 2009

Most stylish laidback dressers

It's been so long hasn't it, but I have been so very busy with college and going back to work, house hunting and piles of study...Anyway I'm back and inspired my glamour magazine's list of most stylish women (with Cheryl a deserving winner)I'm compiling my own list of 20 most stylish women, women that have effortless style, great attitude and many who's look inspire my own style. The style that really captures my eye is a little sloppy at times, isn't a slave to trends and is smacking with personality. It's not really women that look amazing at some red carpet event plastered with makeup and wearing the most sought after designer garments, it's women who look great as themselves sans stylist or preparation, those who look great just living their lives without thinking to much about it.
Number 20: My Sister (she may not be rich and famous but her penchant for sport pieces, popping colours, big shades and big hair with quirky accessories make her a style star in my eyes).

Number 19: Vanessa Hudgens (even I'm surprised by this choice but there's just something about her casual look I love)

Number 18: Clemence Posey

Number 17: Camielle Belle
Number 16: Nicole Richie

Number 15: Lily Donaldson

Number 14: Lizzie Jagger
Number 13: Mary Kate Olsen
Number 12: Jessica Szohr

Number 11: Katy Perry
Number 10: Megan Fox

Number 9: Fearne Cotton
Number 8: Ashley Olsen
Number 7: Jaime Winstone

Number 6: Chloe Seiveny
Number 5: Pixie Geldof
Number 4: The glamourai

Number 3: Daisy Lowe
Number 2: Zoe Kravitz

Number 1: Erin Wasson

(images sourced from googe images)


  1. They're all definitely very stylish - I really liked the pics. :)

  2. thanks for the lovely comment; I'm probably going to do a DIY tutorial on it tomorrow :)

    also, congrats on being my 25 follower. I'll do a feature on you either tonight or tomorrow :D do you mind if I use a few pictures from your blog in the post?

  3. Loving all of these, especially Lily Donaldson!


  4. I love all the outfits that you have featured they all have that special edge to it.

    With love Jessi

  5. Nice list - gives me some inspiration! Great blog.

  6. love the choices, and the feature is up!

  7. very cool choices. there is such a mix of different styles

  8. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :).

    i love your list of style icons! katy perry, fearne cotton, daisy lowe, the olsens, pixie geldof are all faves of mine too :).


  9. i love zoe's style..very laid back but so fashionable :) thanks for the comment!


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