Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Bells

July and August have flown by with plenty of work, a wedding and seeing Metallica in Marley Park with the boyfriend (I was a reluctant attendee at first but I loved loved loved it). At said wedding I was one of two bridesmaids and I noticed a definite change among wedding quests from weddings before and now during the recession. No one longer boosts about all the beauty treatments and hair appointments they attended in the run up to the event, the majority just whipped out their own hairdryer/straightener and applied their own warpaint and tan and who can tell the difference other than yourself and your wallet. Wardrobes on the big day also underwent a little change, it always seemed such a waste to me when I'd see people with a new outfit for all the big events they attended never to be worn again, it's a waste financially, environmentally and not to mention space wise in your wardrobe. What's more I know people who would have been ashamed to be seen wearing the same dress while out by the same people. There is a very simple way you can avoid being stuck with an outfit from a wedding you can never wear again, don't by something wedding! Just by an outfit you would wear normally when going out and tone it down for the church with a cardigan and re severed accessories. Even more refreshingly was people wearing clothes they already owned, why was that ever something to be embarrassed of for god's sake. My sisters outfit at the wedding was very recession wise, all high street, accessories all napped in the sales and a dress that will work and work and work.

(from left to right: myself looking anything but pleased to have my photo taken, my boyfriend Colm, my sister in her amazing outfit and my mammy)
Our accessories were all high street, gold bridesmaid's shoes were New Look and 34 euro, my sisters gladiator wedges were River island and 36 euro and her quilted bag was from Bay and only 9 euro. It's important not to break the bank on something you won't wear regularly for example the golden heels won't work with my usual style.

Did another little painting inspired by my inner belief that I am indeed a princess, it's a mix of watercolour and acrylic paint and also some tiny gems.

Less than two weeks until moving into new college house can't wait


  1. I really like those wedges & those silver sandals look really cute too!! Great post!


  2. You looked lovely! I love weddings...

  3. Really like the accessories you added! If I ever were to get married (ok just typing that scares me) it would be such a simple affair. A killer white dress that could be worn again, pretty flat sandals, definitely no makeup/spray tan/hair appointments, close friends and fam...

  4. Hello, I wanted to leave you a comment to say that I absolutely love your blog. I've so enjoyed looking at your pictures too. Everything is really interesting and well written.

    Thanks so much for sharing and best wishes..

  5. I read something about the recession and the wedding industfry in the New York Times! Same thing with proms... people are bucking it up and doing themselves!

    I love your dress.

  6. Love the shoes and the dresses so much!

  7. Bonsoir !
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    a bientot !
    Boubouteatime xx

  8. Those wedges are so cute! Nice pics!

    One Love,


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