Sunday, April 12, 2009

Karma karma karma chameleon

Versatility is the key to surviving a highly budgeted wardrobe. Now that economic situations are looking considerably darker I think it’s important to look at what you can do with the clothes you already own rather than focusing on buying what is cheap. Every piece in your wardrobe needs to work hard and take on chameleon abilities so you can get your monies worth. I wouldn’t suggest you buy only plain basic clothing all white blouses, black blazers and block coloured t shirts because honestly I never would, but it is important not to splash your cash on items that are limited in what you can wear them with and wear you can wear them. One of my favourite pieces to work is a long skirt with an interesting pattern or fabric. It can be dressed down with flip-flops and a little vest and dressed up with heels and a blouse. Then you can mix it up and wear your long skirt pulled up as a dress and cinched at the waist with a belt, casual with wedges and wooden bangles and a simple chain of accessories and hairstyle can make it perfect for hitting the town. The idea of the interesting print is that as a dress it can do all the talking and as a skirt it can be toned down with a plain top and neutral shoes. I don't believe in spending a much money on accesories other than bags and shoes, I wanted to show how you can accesoris for next to nothing with ribbons. I collected mine from gifts that come wrapped with them and boutiques that use them to tie their bags.
We styled two skirts four different ways here and I’ve picked two unusual skirts because I wanted to show that no matter how quirky the items in your wardrobe are they can still have great versatility. These four different outfits were created with just 3 pieces of clothing; a sequinned skirt, a net skirt and a plain cream t-shirt.

Sequinned skirt worn as dress minx 10 euro

Sequinned skirt as before
cream top topshop

Pink and blue net skirt self made
cream top as before

Pink and blue net dress as before
zebra print and silver belts primark €1.50 each
Shoes primark €3
pink shorts diy made from trousers

It's important to experiment to find out how versatile your clothes can be, it's not always the obvious look that's the best. Have fun and happy easter!
P.S. all photos in this post of my beautiful sister are property of thriftylilpixie


  1. I think you make a really good point with being able to wear clothes but in a multitude of different ways. I LOVE that first skirt, and actually thought it was a dress the first time i saw the photo! :)

  2. i completely agree. now you've given a fantastic excuse to raid through my closets and sort out new outfits. thank you, hun. and you're an amazing writer. keep it up. love the photos. <3

  3. i love your tea party pictures, really adorable!

  4. i love the little photo shoots you do, the pink dress is awesome

  5. I absolutely adore the photo with the swing. And yes I am trying my best to stretch out my wardrobe, I amaze myself at times at what I can dig up if I just take the time :)

  6. thank u for commenting on my blog, i love yours, are you really from Ireland? One of the fashion models I've become very close to is 14 and is half Irish

  7. These are the most pretty and gorgeous outfits!! I adore them! You look super cute.
    Hope you had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed easter!!

  8. oh I love these, especially the last set of photos :)

  9. The aester shoot looks like loads of fun!

    I see you have also discoverd the many ways you can wear a skirt.

    love it

    With love Jessi

  10. super super cute!
    ahh teaparties love.



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